From 12th to 13th May Brigita Dalecka, Linda Mezule and Kristina Tihomirova participated in an international scientific conference "Biosystems Engineering 2016" held in Tartu, Estonia. The goal of BSE 2016 was to gather scholars from all over the World to present latest advances in various fields of biosystems engineering. Conference participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with our latest research "Influence of mechanical pre-treatment on fermentable sugar production from lignocellulosic biomass" and "Main Limitations of hydrolysed hay sugar content analysis by HPLC-RI technique".



K.Tihomirova, B.Dalecka and L.Mezule (2016). Application of conventional HPLC RI technique for sugar analysis in hydrolysed hay. Agronomy Research Vol.14(0). Publication

L.Mezule, M.Strods and B.Dalecka (2016). Influence of Mechanical Pre–treatment on Fermentable Sugar Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass. Agronomy Research Vol.14(0). Publication