· Treatment technologies for both groundwater and surface drinking water like coagulation, filtration and disinfection.

· Drinking water quality control and improvement in distribution network , including quality modeling;

· Advanced treatment methods applicable for drinking water (electrodisinfection, Fenton reaction) and wastewater sector (electrocoagulation, treatment of industrial wastewaters with fungal technologies).

· Development and application of molecular methods in drinking water and bioenergy field to control and detect microorganisms/pathogens with rapid molecular methods as core competence. Thus, WRL team members in 2012 created a spin-off biotechnological company Conelum Biotech LLC that provides industrial diagnostic solutions - development of microbiological diagnostic tests for detection of yeast and mold in water and dairy products.

· Biotechnology methods such as biofiltration, biostimulation and adaptation mechanisms in microbiological systems.

· Enzymatical hydrolysis process as a part of cost-effective and sustainable advanced biofuel production from lignocellulosic biomass.

· Technologies for biogas production and enrichment from residues in food and agricultural industry.

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