Projects with industrial partners

Studies of drinking water distribution pipe corrosiveness and water mains flushing with Jelgavas udens Ltd.

•„The mobile biofilter for ground water treatment” with Resetilovs un Co company.

Environment, Bioenergetics and Biotechnology Competence center projects

„Biological treatment of water containing pharmacy products and oil compounds” with JSC Grindeks, application of fungal technology to remove phenolic compounds.

„Studies for treatment process improvement and resource recovery of industrial wastewater from Valmiera Glass Fibre company” with Valmiera Glass Group, optimization of flotation and activated sludge technologies, application of electrocoagulation and/or biosorption to remove heavy metals.

„Study of the biogas enrichment process with commercially available sorbents with the raw biogas flow of 3–5 m3/h and 30–50 m3/h and zeolite-adsorbent modifications and tests” with Neozeo LLC.

Latvian National Research Programmes

•LatvianCoucl of Science "Smart biofiltration technology" (project No 491/2012).


•„Multifunctional materials and composites, photonics and nanotechnology(IMIS2)”.

Energy efficient and low-carbon solutions for a secure, sustainable and climate variability reducing energy supply (LATENERGI)”. Read more

•„Innovative and multifunctional composite materials for sustainable buildings (IMATEH)”.

•„Cyber-physical systems, ontologies and biophotonics for safe&smart city and society” (SOPHIS)”.

The members of WRL are involved in "Green Industry Innovation Center" pre-incubation phase project to develop technology for energy production from dairy waste.

ESF project „Involvement of Human Resources for Development of Integrated Renewable Energy Resources Energy Production System”.
Modelling bacterial regrowth in drinking water distribution networks. Read more
Verification of model for drinking water system biofilm bacteria. Read more
Evaluation of particle influence on microbiological quality of drinking water in distribution network. Read more
Modeling of sediment transport in drinking water distribution networks. Read more
The method to control concentration of green algae in biological ponds. Read more
The impact of dispersion on the validation of a hydraulic model during tracer test using a natural trace. Read more
The production of a new generation of biofuel - biobutanol from agricultural waste. Read more
Technologies of biogas production from agriculture and dairy waste. Read more
Strengthening of integrated renewable energy power generation system development. Read more

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